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Relax... it's just a comic book. 

Man- Shark Man

Holy Crap! MMA fighter, Man-Shark Man (half man, half Man-Shark) called MSM, starts his adventure in his professional debut against the Master of the Deep. His manager and best friend, Sandwich Sanchez coaches him, as always. After claiming victory, he moves through daily life, but is now the target of many other fighters, who all see the threat that the newcomer to the King of Biters MMA tournament brings.


MSM’s life is rife with daily challenges, and prior to his next match he will solve problems and create new ones for the local ruffians, gaining him local stardom. He will overcome the heinous Taking Tree; uncover dastardly plots by an angry tomato shoe salesman. He will go to a comic-con… and nothing good happens there; discover the secret nation of the Ding a Lings, and fight their master- King Ding o Ling; meet the marshmallow people who insist upon not being mistaken snacks, despite their delicious bodies; join a band, “Literally a Dumpster Fire,” and play the triangle…badly;  He will uncover a drug ring run by a goat. ; somehow, he will discover how zombies are really made- a rotten Guber driver and his eggs; he will get in a fight with giant ice cream come and his partner in terror, a banana. Sadly, he will meet the Katzenshizers, cats who fight dirty… with poop.


And only after winning his second fight will the untold origin of our friend come to light, and it just may ruin his life.

ISSUE #1 is out now!

I am working on the storefront for purchasing, so at the moment you can email me for  purchase options. 

People have reviewed the book- and they are all positive! 

"wow! it's an actual comic!" some guy at a convention

"It looks like a lot of silliness for $4." some rude guy at a comic shop. 

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Shirts, bookmarks, stickers, kissable babies ( ok, no to that one...) 

all will be here soon! 

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