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About Jason Sobol

Artist Statement

I have spent 20 years working in comics and working for some big companies doing licensed materials. I love drawing Lightsabers and capes, but that is not who I am, but merely a vehicle. It is a vehicle that I am comfortable in and will still use on occasion, but it is time to move forward. 


My work is transitioning: it is now about color, and the growth of experimentation with color. My work is about form, natural, organic, and pleasing to the eye. My work is a celebration of the natural and God-created. It is about movement. 


I am spending my time evenly between fantasy, and fine art portraits; Animals on the move, and the horror of seeing how my ideas of the world have all died as I grew: My love of family and faith, and my observations of the depravity of so many in the world, myself included. 

About The Artist

Master of Fine Arts, Illustration- Savannah College of Art and Design

20 + years illustration background with Companies such as Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC, New Line Cinema, and more. 

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